Frontier Biotechnologies Inc.(Nanjing)


  • 2018-09-25  14:56:06

Aikening ® is a long-acting HIV fusion inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.  Aikening ® represents multiple technological breakthroughs in the aspects of the polypeptide sequence, chemical modification, molecular target, as well as distribution and metabolism in the human body. In combination with other antiretroviral therapies (the “ART” or “ARTs”), Aikening ® can be used in treatment-experienced HIV patients who are still experiencing viral replication. Effective against most HIV-1 strains including drug-resistant strains, Aikening ® has demonstrated potent anti-HIV efficacy to reduce patients’ HIV viral load to an undetectable level, along with a good clinical safety profile. Unlike the prevailing ARTs that require daily oral administration, Aikening ® is administered by intravenous infusions on a weekly basis, which could lead to greater patient adherence to the regimen and improve patients’ quality of life. It provides an ideal alternative to the existing regimens for patients who are either intolerant to oral medications, or cannot take medications through the gastrointestinal route before and after certain surgical procedures. Aikening ® has proved to be a powerful tool in saving the lives of critically ill patients.

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