Frontier Biotech opens a new manufacture facility in Chengdu ——Aikening ®, a novel long-acting HIV medicine, receives a production capability boost

  • 2021-08-31  16:54:43

On July 15, 2021, The openning ceremony of a new state of the art peptide manufacture facility was held in Jintang, Chengdu. The successful completion of the facility marks the successful industrialization of Aikening® in Jintang.

Aiming at intelligent manufacturing, high efficiency and eco system, and a quality system to be certified by the US FDA, EU EMA and China NMPA, the peptide production facility includes a R&D center, a pilot plant, production lines, and business center. The current API production capacity is 250 kg annually.


Near 200 guests, including Mr. Hao Yang, President of China Association for STD and AIDS Prevention and Treatment; Mrs. Wang Xinlun, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Association for STD and AIDS Prevention and Treatment, industry experts and representatives of partner companies and institutions attended the ceremony.

Since China initiated antiretroviral treatment for AIDS, with the joint efforts of all prevention and treatment personnel, the ability to diagnose and treat AIDS has been greatly improved. In his speech, Hao Yang pointed out that in recent years, outstanding innovative drug companies such as Frontier Biotech have been deeply involved in the creation of new AIDS drugs, and have made substantial contributions to the prevention and control of AIDS in China. Frontier Biotech have demonstrated the effect of being a special leader in the development of new AIDS drugs.

The completion of the facility will accelerate patient access to the new drug, and improve the prevention and and treatment of HIV infection in the region. Hao Yang encouraged the company to fulfill its social responsibilities, continue to actively

participate in and support the AIDS prevention and control work, develop more innovative drugs, and contribute to the building of a healthy China.


Hao Yang, President of China Association for STD and AIDS Prevention and Treatment

"Sichuan Chengdu’s enabling policies and commercial environment, strong pharmaceutical innovation atmosphere have attracted cutting-edge companies." In his speech, Xie Dong explained the reason why Sichuan was selected , and wish to receive continuous local support .

After the facility is officially put into production, it will help Frontier Bio to strengthen quality control, reduce production costs, help build a global supply chain of high-end peptide innovative drugs, and lay a solid foundation for the international development of Frontier Bio. At the same time, through close cooperation with multiple local upstream and downstream partners, it contributes to local economic development.


Leading guests jointly start the energy column site


The renderings of the Jintang base of the high-end peptide drug industry of Frontier Biotech

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