Frontier Biotech partners with R-pharm to provide Aikening ® to Russian patients

  • 2021-08-30  15:52:59

July 21, 2021 Nanjing, China.

Frontier Biotech (stock code: 688221.SH) announces that it signs an agreement with R-Pharm, JSC, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, for registration and commercialization of Aikening® (generic name: Albuvirtide) in Russia. 


Cheryl Tan, Global Head of Frontier Biotech's International Businesses, said, “Aikening® is the first new long-acting antiretroviral drug independently developed by Frontier Biotech. Since its launch in China in 2018, it has benefited many Chinese patients, and has provided new treatment options for severely ill hospitalized patients, drug-resistant patients, and patients with liver and kidney impairment. Multiple controlled clinical trials and accumulated real-world data show that Aikening® has high efficacy and safety, with minimal drug interactions with commonly used drugs amongst HIV patients and high resistance barriers. We are very happy to partner with R-Pharm to bring Chinese innovative drug to Russian AIDS patients".


Anastasia Batrak, Vice President of strategic marketing and product portfolio development at R-Pharm, said, “The drug-resistant strains of HIV are a serious threat to public safety. In Russia, 6-7% of newly treated patients have HIV resistance. Therefore, with the help of Frontier Biotech, we decided to introduce Aikening® to the Russian market, which can effectively treat patients suffering from HIV and developing drug resistance. The drug has been widely used in China. The combination therapy of Aikening® and 3BNC117 (broad-spectrum neutralizing antibody) is currently undergoing clinical trials in the United States and China. "


In 2020, Frontier Biotech signed an agreement to authorize R-Pharm to register and commercialize Aikening® in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.


About Aikening®

Aikening® is a novel drug (new chemical entity, NCE) protected by global IP with patents granted in the US, China, EU, Japan and other countries/regions. It is world’s 1st long-acting HIV-1 fusion inhibitor (once-a-week injection). China NMPA approved its marketing authorization in 2018. It’s indicated for treatment-experienced HIV-1 patients who still have viral replication, combining with any ARVs. Aikening® is a chemically modified synthetic peptide that conjugates with human serum albumin (HSA) through a covalent linkage quickly upon intravenous injection. Its serum half-life is about 12 days, enabling weekly injection. Aikening® is effective against most HIV-1 strains including drug-resistant strains with a superior safety profile and minimal drug-drug interactions (DDI). In clinical trials and clinical practices no predictable and observed drug-drug interactions between ABT and ARVs, and antibacterial, antifungal, anti-tuberculosis, anti-cancer drugs commonly used by AIDS patients. Aikening® was listed in Liverpool DDI Database ( In October 2018 Aikening® was included in "AIDS Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines of China (2018 Edition)" promulgated by the Infectious Diseases Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as one of the new antiretroviral drugs in China. In December 2020 Aikening® was included in China’s National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL).


About R-Pharm, JSC

R-Pharm, JSC introduces comprehensive solutions for the healthcare system, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment and medical equipment. The mission of R-Pharm is to increase the accessibility of advanced diagnostics, preventive care and treatment methods in Russia and abroad. R-Pharm has 70 branches around the world and more than 4,500 employees in 30 countries. R-Pharm looks forward to doing its best to provide as many people as possible with the necessary measures to improve and prolong the lives of patients.

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