Frontier Biotech Sponsored The “HIV Broad Spectrum Neutralizing Antibodies and Functional Cure” Forum at Tsinghua University

  • 2017-12-20  10:58:36

The HIV Forum on "NAbs and Functional Cure" was successfully held by Tsinghua University and Frontier Biotech on Nov 28, 2017 in Beijing. Coming with the 30th World AIDS Day, this event was focused on the latest research of broad neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) and long-acting drug regimen for HIV treatment. Delegates from China CDC, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Office of National Science and Technology Major Project, CFDA CDE, The Rockefeller University, Beijing Ditan Hospital, China Association of STD & AIDS Prevention, Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS, NIH, Wuxi Biologics, Sunshine Guojian attended the forum.

Currently, vaccine and functional cure are two major challenges in HIV treatment. Scientists have been working on long-acting drug, gene therapy and cell therapy to address the unmet medical need. The HIV bNAbs become one of the most promising research areas that are expected to lead breakthrough innovation and has potential for HIV functional cure.

Dr. Michel Nussenzweig, Head of Molecular Immunology Lab of The Rockefeller University, and a Member of the National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Arts & Sciences, gave a keynote speech focusing on the latest clinical data of 3BNC117, one of the most effective bNAbs in the world. Frontier Biotech has licensed 3BNC117 and will develop 3BNC117 combining albuvirtide to form an all-injectable long-acting regimen for HIV treatment. Dr. Dong Xie, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Frontier Biotech, gave a speech on the development plan of 3BNC117 and albuvirtide combination. The novel combination not only has potential to replace oral drug regimen for HIV treatment, but also may elicit host immunity and contribute to functional cure.

In the end, Professor Linqi Zhang, Director of Tsinghua University Comprehensive AIDS Research Center and Dr. Dong Xie from Frontier Biotech signed a Memorandum of Collaboration. The two parties will collaborate on novel HIV treatment and prevention, especially in the fields of peptides and antibodies.

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